Recommendations for the beginners:

Accept our warm-hearted congratulations,

Now you are a proud and happy owner of the kitten. We are glad together with you with all our heart. You have made the decision that will change your life for a long time.

Now for the pleasure of both children and adults the cat will be always by your side.

Separated from its mother, brothers and sisters, your kitten will feel lonely with you on the day of the arrival.

To help your new pet to adapt in the house it is necessary to prepare properly for his arrival.

Plan the move on the weekends

Weekend is the time for rest and the possibility that all members of your family will be at home is high. Receiving the maximum of your attention and love on the arrival, the kitten will quicker feel at home and understand that you are its new family.

Choose the appropriate container for the kitten transportation

You need to think about a special container for the transportation of your pet to the new house. Remember that it is dangerous to travel by car without obeying the safety regulations both for you and your kitten. You can buy a suitable container in the specialized pet shop.

Take a consultation with a shop-assistant to choose the container, pay attention to the container size: it must be big enough to contain the grown kitten in future. Best of all is to lay a soft cover with a napkin on the bottom of the container, in this way your kitten will feel comfortable during the trip. Moreover, a “small accident” may happen to your kitten during the stressful trip. For this case do not forget to take a roll paper towel and spare napkin. The kitten will completely feel safe if you arrange dusk in the tray.

Arriving at home

Meeting with the new atmosphere, other members of the family and, probably, other pets, that live in your house for a long time, — is an important stage, that is necessary to pass step by step with happiness and calmness. Give your kitten (and yourself!) time to get accustomed!

To make your kitten feel safe from the first seconds of the arrival, prepare for it properly beforehand: place a cat litter box and other necessary for the kitten staff, such as toys and meal.

Calm yourself down!

Do not forget that the kitten find itself in a completely unknown atmosphere. Hold yourself back and do not make an excessive demand. Give it time to explore its new possessions. Calm and relaxing atmosphere is the most suitable for it. Watch your children treat the kitten calmly and carefully too. You don’t want this small funny kitten to grow up into a frightened wild cat, do you?

All necessary staff for the kitten

It is important for the kitten to find all the necessary staff on the arrival. You can buy it in the specialized pet shop:

A cat house: a cosy cat house, where your pet will feel safe. Nevertheless, the cat will choose a place for it itself.

Cat litter box: as a rule, cats start to use toilet early. They are very clean animals, so you must clean the litter box every day. Get rid of daily cat’s scat with a special spatula. The litter box for a Maine Coon must be big-sized to avoid unpleasant smelling and throwing sanitary filling about.

Bowl: Put two bowls separately, one for the croquets (adult cat eats not more than 60 – 70 g per day), another for the fresh water.

Scratching post: with its help the cat can sharpen claws and your expensive furniture will remain untouched.

A tree for climbing and scratching: the cat can not only scratch but also climb and play on it. Cats like to climb on the big heights. What is more, such a tree reduces the risk that your cat will organize a furious hunting or dangerous games using your furniture. This tree will give your cat an opportunity to play.

Toys: Pet-shops are selling lots of different toys. Often a cat can be satisfied even with a cardboard reel or empty cardboard box to play with great pleasure. Turn on your fantasy! Every necessary cat staff must be on its place in the right part of your house.

Your house is divided into the following zones for a cat:

Sleeping zone: Here your kitten must feel completely safe.

Dinner zone: This zone must be in free access for the cat during the whole day and night.

Cat toilet zone: Here your pet can do its personal hygiene staff. Let you little friend discover new interesting things in the house step by step!

Feel at home

A kitten needs care. Now you are the one who is responsible for its safety. It will be looking for your protection and safety as before with its mother. Take care of it, its development and emotional balance wholly depends on your attention.

A kitten and children

Children are often inclined to too much hugging the “newcomer”, express their feelings passionately, grab the kitten, pull its tail… Adult cats know how to avoid meeting with children if they do not want kids to disturb them. Kittens need time to learn how to do it. Explain your kids that a kitten is not a toy, it needs to sleep a lot and it is completely prohibited to wake it up to play. The best way is to let the children play with a kitten only in your presence. What is more, the kitten will not scratch your kid!

How to treat the kitten right

Treat the kitten carefully. Every unexpected or sudden movement can frighten it. To carry the kitten put its belly on your palm, taking its back with the other hand, especially if the kitten concerns to big breed cats.

• Never pull the kitten’s tail.

• Do not raise the kitten taking it by the head.

• Do not raise the kitten taking it by the scruff of the neck. Only mother-cats do this in the first days after the kitten is born to carry it.

The first night

The first leaving, the first lonely night –it is often very difficult for the kitten. Where should it sleep?

Remember that you will not have an opportunity to forbid an adult cat what you permit to a kitten. The best decision is to let the kitten sleep in its house in the place you have chosen for it. Do not take the kitten to your bed in the first night, even if it’s crying. In three or four days it will get used to a new sleeping place and your nights will become quiet again.

The first meal

Try to avoid sudden changes in the kitten’s feeding in case it may lead to frustration of digestion. It is better to feed the kitten with its normal food that it got used to. Consult with the previous owner of the kitten about its eating habits (the number of meals, was each meal fixed or not) and the type of feeding.

If you want to change diet of your cat you need a week for the conversion phase during which you will make a gradual transition from old fodder to the new one. Owing to this the fodder conversion will be soft and the risk of frustration of digestion will be minimal.

Never give food from your table to your kitten. It is not only dangerous for its health but also teaches the kitten to beg food and steal it from the table. Furthermore, unbalanced feeding leads to adiposity of the adult cat. Watch your cat always have enough fresh water in the bowl and eat in the quiet calm place.

Household dangers

We do not always think about the number of fatal traps and dangers that a kitten can meet in the house. These safety measures will help you to keep your pet away from accidents in daily routine:

• Hide electric wires!

• Put pegs on electric sockets!

• Hide insecticids, fertilizers, rat poison and medicines away from the kitten.

• We also recommend you to take away such dangerous staff as: garters, drawing-pins, needles etc.

Cats like to lie in wardrobes, drawers, baskets for dirty clothes, washing machines or dryers for linen. If you do not forget about these favorite places of your cat you can reduce the risk of accidents. Develop a habit to watch where you step and where the kitten is when closing the door.

Develop a habit

• do not leave plastic bags in the open space,

• close the toilet bowl and garbage basket covers,

• do not leave electric sockets and cables accessible,

• close windows, hinged window-panes for ventilation when leaving the house.

•do not forget about the iron. It can cause serious burns.

Home plants

Cats avoid poisoned plants by instinct. Nevertheless, you need to know which plants may cause danger to your cat and give them up in the house. Ask your vet to give you a full list of poisoned home plants.

Here are some of the most dangerous plants for cats:

• the Alpine violet

• Winterberry

• Mistletoe

• Wistaria

• the Philodendron

• the Azalea

• the Rhododendron

• Belladonna

• Pink Laurel

• Poinsettia

• the Ivy

• the Orange

• the Sweet pea

Living with the other pets

It is important to make acquaintance between your kitten and other pets as soon as possible in order to facilitate its accustom with the new atmosphere. Do not try to accustom it to rodents or birds, it is almost impossible. When introducing the kitten to other pets remember: such an introducing must be gradual and in your presence.

A dog

As a rule, counterbalanced, socialized dog easily get used to live with a kitten. Old dogs can be less tolerant, but after trying kitten’s claws they usually get less aggressive and become friendlier.

Another cat

This case may be much more difficult. An adult cat usually demonstrates cool treatment to a new kitten in her area. Possibly, it will demonstrate its discontent with threatening due to the fact that it does not accept even the smallest changes in its habits. It may take a few months for an adult cat to get used to the kitten. During the first meeting do not allow both sides to demonstrate aggression. Take the pets to the neutral area for playing and feeding. Do it until the cats get used to each other. This will help to build hierarchy between the pets, that they will be compelled to accept.

A few recommendations:

• During the first days support privileges of the adult pet (dog or cat).

• Place the cat litter box in the quiet area. Firstly let the kitten walk only in one part of your house, this will help it to get accustomed easier and the kitten will not hide under the furniture.

• Using the rag wipe off the special secret from the kitten’s face and spread it on the down side of the walls in each room to make old pet acquainted to the new kitten smell.

We hope these simple recommendations will help your kitten to accustom in a new house from the first days

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